The Archaeological site of Dodona

In the valley that nests under the slopes of Mount Olytsika, Tmaros or Tomaros according to the ancient written sources, 22km south of Ioannina in the Municipality of Dodoni, are located the ruins of the religious centre and Oracle of Zeus and Dione, a site which also functioned as the administrative seat of the various in time coalitions of  ancient Epirotes.

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The Kastritsa archaeological site

In the east part of the Ioannina basin dominates the elongated hill of Kastritsa (alt. 757m). Archaeological remains from the foothills and the top mark the history of this strategic site for 24 millenniums.

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Archaeological Site "Great Gardikiou" Ioannina

Settlement - Citadel of Grand Gardikiou is the northernmost of the three that kept Ioannina basin duting antiquity. Identified with the ancient Passarona, religious center of the state of Molossos, and the foundation associated with King Pyrrhus, placed in the first half of the 3rd century. (BC.).

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The Litharitsia Fortress

On a hill southwest of the Castle a small fortress is built, one of Ali Pasha's creations of the period around 1800.

Today, in the interior of the bastion there is a dining area, while the top of the hill has been transformed into park, within the boundaries of which are located the Archaeological Museum and the building premises of the 8th Division.

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The Bizani Fortresses

These are impregnable fortresses of the Turks located at the top of the hill of Bizani.

They were built under the supervision of the German general Goltz (VON DER GOLTZ) during the years 1909-1912 but also during the war. Apparently the Turks were expecting this war and had taken action.

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Perama cave

On the northwestern edge of Pamvotida Lake, just 5 km away from Ioannina, in the settlement of Perama (19, Spilaiou street), rises the limestone hill Goritsa (peak height 555 m).

The visitable and accessible route, accompanied by a guide, has a length of 1,100 m. The temperature inside the cave is stable (18o C). At the entrance of the settlement there is a Tourist Information Centre.

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Μonument Bizaniou

In Bizani and 100 meters from the highway the monument of Bizanomachon rises and observes across the hill of the sacrifice of Bizanomachon as small gift in return of us, the younger generation, for the great sacrifice of so many people from all parts of Greece and the world.

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Monument Lorenzo Mavilis (Driskos)

The monument of the poet and fighter Lorenzo Mavilis (in which his bones are located) is on the verge of the Vasiliki community, a little far away from Ioannina, in the area of Driskos. At this point on November 28, 1912, the Ionian Islands poet was killed with the volunteers Garyvaldinous against the Turks for the liberation of Ioannina.

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Pilgrimage Martyr St. George

Located in front of the main gate of the castle.

A few meters further Neomartyras George (patron saint of Ioannina) was hung on January 17, 1838

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House Martyr St. George

After the martyrdom of St. George on January 17, 1838, the faithful citizens made the site of the house a pilgrimage. One of the rooms was converted into a chapel for the operational needs of the faithful. Located at Mavrogianni 84 ''.

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