In a loveable city, which has been identified with the slogan "The colors of the fest have our own light", there is never a shortage of occasions for parties and extravaganzas. Different currents of expression meet at the crossroads of joy and fun and create unforgettable moments of joy. Sounds and sights mix with the mysterious atmosphere of the landscape, bringing a flood of feelings of spiritual upliftment.

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Musical streets of West and East ferment with the traditional rhythms and create multidimensional skits of entertainment euphoria. The program of a typical tour includes, amongst others, theatrical performances, "street music", film screenings, photography, painting, sculpture or engraving exhibitions and book presentations. And of course, before and after, the time is offered for an ...exhausting tour of the cafes, bars, restaurants, taverns, mezedakia, tsipouradika, beer bars or nightclubs of the city. Depending on the season, however, many unexpected and pleasant surprises begin... And these experiences are the most exciting!

The Tzamala Carnival

In the carnival period there are many happenings and events in Ioannina. One of the must see is the Tzamala. This is a big fire in the center of every neighbourhood of Ioannina. Every neighbourhood is trying to make bigger fire than the others while everyone is dancing around it!

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At dusk, the views of the pedestrians in the city streets change. Groups of young people and their conversations and laughter overshadow everything else in their path. And as the lights come on one after the other, the pace becomes selectively slower, and everyone, young or old, rushes to claim their space-time in the fun and entertainment. Depending on their tastes, moods and endurance. For everyone...there is a magical, romantic city like Ioannina, with its mysterious historical aura, modern infrastructure and a variety of options and proposals.

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The Best Student Life

The University of Ioannina is one of the most attractive universities in Greece, because the studies in Ioannina are very pleasant. Located in a beautiful, modern European town, the university is simply perfect for students, as everyone who studies there thinks so! The town is large enough to offer a variety of activities, but small enough to feel like home. The distances are short, so everything is less complicated than in a big city. That's why it's also an ideal place to live.

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Music and dance

Dance and song are pleasantly intertwined with the life of the residents of Ioannina. Weddings, baptisms, celebrations and, above all, festivals, come to life with song and dance. Folk songs are heard everywhere and express joy, sorrow, pain, celebration. They are songs of joy and strangeness, but also obituaries.

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Rock in Ioannina

Ioannina is a city with a strong rock trend and culture since the ‘70s. Both the influences from the academic community, which conveyed music from the larger cities, and the attractive "rock" way of life of revolution, challenge and freedom of thought, "imposed" Rock in Giannian daily life, with a bar playing bar Exclusively this music, but also with improvised bands that made their appearance.

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Folk tradition - festivals & celebrations

Ioannina and the areas close to the city areas is a place where the entertainment on the occasion of folk festivals and events, in the context of tradition, find an excellent application, while at the same time they are an interesting proposal. A special feature of the music and dance tradition of Ioannina is the way it was shaped in the last centuries, but also evolved to the present day.

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