Information points

Navigation Systems

For the convenience of visitors, the Tourism Department of the municipality of Ioanniton has installed modern navigation systems, in the form of signs, in 5 points of the city, where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Each sign has two sides. On one side, a map of the city center is included, along with information on distances and travel time to other points of interest. On the map, museums, squares, parks, public buildings, buildings of historical and architectural importance, monuments, parking places and TAXI stations, pedestrian streets of the area with different colors and bicycle paths are presented.

The second page contains photos and information about the most important monuments and buildings of the city.

The navigation systems are located:

  • In front of the Epirus Region building
  • In front of the Ioannina Town Hall
  • At the junction of Konstantinou Karamanli and Soutsou streets
  • At the pier, at the point where the boats leave for the island
  • In the "Old Slaughterhouses " (Palea Sfagia) area, towards the lake