The lake Pamvotida

The unique location of the lake makes it one of the most beautiful in the country, with soft green banks and towering mountains all around it.

It is the most recognizable natural monument of the city - associated closely with its prestige - and a primary attraction, both for its residents and visitors. The lakefront area is crowded almost on a daily basis for boat rides to the Island, for lakeside walks and bicycling in the parks with the beautiful sculptures, or at the cafes-bars and restaurants.

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The island

The 10min crossing from the town and a 30min walk on its cobblestone alleys will send you picking up echoes of folk songs and psalms of Christians, Jews and Muslims who lived on this land peacefully for centuries.

It is filled with pine trees, unique stone houses, a natural port, full of fishing boats and it is the home of seven monasteries (the third largest group after Mount Athos and Meteora). The greatest one is Stratigopoulos Monastery and Philanthropinos Monastery. Find out the history behind Ali Pasas, you will be astonished! 

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The Castle

The Castle of Ioannina is built on the west bank of the lake on a small rocky peninsula, on the two hills of which an equal number of citadels are formed.

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