Τhe famous art

It was the main source of wealth in the 17th and 18th centuries. Ioannina as a center of silversmithing is becoming known throughout Europe. Artisans create not only tourist souvenirs but also cooking utensils, tools, weapons.

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The Treasury

The name "Treasury" is attributed to oral tradition but we don't know if it is related to its original use.

It houses a permanent exhibition of silversmithing. Its premises feature aspects of the art of silversmithing, which had undergone great development throughout Epirus, from the late Byzantine years up to the present day.

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Interactive hall of the History of the Art of Silversmithing-KE.PA.V.I.

The primary purpose of creating this hall (11, Arch. Makariou str.), is to inform visitors about the art of silversmithing, the construction materials and the tools used, through five thematic sections.


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